2018/2022 World Cup Feature: Bid Process

 The Fifa World Cup is the biggest footballing competition in the world so no wonder bidding for this tournament is a highly competitive process. During an intense twenty four month bidding process, each bidder will be required to submit a detailed bid book to show what the country is planning.

The bidding started in January of this year, when all potential bidders had to express their interest in hosting either tournament. Upon the arrival of the letter of intent at Fifa headquarters in Zurich, the bidder will have sixteen months to compile a detailed account of why their country would be ideal to host the tournament and why they will be ideal for the tournament. The bid book will consist of a detailed log of each proposed stadium. The biding nation will have to have at least one stadium with capacity of 80,000 or over for the opening game and final and another sixteen with a minimum capacity of 40,000. Not only will the bid books contain a detailed account about the countries football stadia, it will also contain information about: accommodation, transport, IT, medical services, commercial rights, broadcasting, safety and security and ticketing and hospitality for the event.  Once all bid books are received by 14th May 2010, Fifa will take out a seven month period to examine each countries bid and analyse their stadia and facilities before announcing who will be the host of both the 2018 and 2022 Fifa World Cup.

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